Scion Considers Luxury Model

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According to some sources in automotive news, it’s possible that the Scion brand may make an entrance into the luxury segment, though not all are on board.  One camp wants to maintain Scion as a youth-oriented brand, updating its ancient but iconic xB and xD hatchbacks with new editions. Another group would prefer the brand to move into the premium compact near-luxury segment below $30,000; an area deemed below Lexus’ reach and not in Toyota’s brand purview.

If that happens, Scion already has taken the first step with the FR-S coupe, which has been selling at an average transaction price above $25,000. But that also means walking away from its lower-priced products. Several concepts are being studied, but nothing has been decided.


The Scion iQ in Tacoma is a three-occupant minicar arrived in fall 2011.  The subcompact xD is in the same situation as the xB. Even if the xB survives into another generation, expect the xD to change in some way.

The tC sport coupe was redesigned in summer 2010. Expect special trim-package editions but few other changes.  Launched in spring 2012 was the FR-S. Do not expect a turbocharged or convertible version in the U.S. market, because the sticker price would be too high.

Toyota is studying a low-slung Scion crossover that would be smaller than a RAV4 and similar in styling, stance and proportion to the Nissan Juke. It would be based on a modified Yaris or Avensis platform.

For more information about Scion, or to take a look at any Scion vehicle, contact the Larson Automotive Group.

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