Hyundai’s New Battery-Operated EV

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Instead of working on producing an electric vehicle for the U.S., Hyundai has been hard at work engineering and producing a zero-emission hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle called the Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell.  Now that the automaker has mastered technology far beyond that of which the U.S. is prepared to accept, they are looking to produce their first zero emission vehicles in the U.S. similar to the Hyundai BlueOn currently for sale in South Korea.

If this new Hyundai in Tacoma electric vehicle is based on the BlueOn, we can expect the EV to go 90 miles on a single charge, powered by a 16.4-kilowatt hour lithium polymer battery.  The current version doesn’t have that much power, which will probably be the first part to get upgraded when sold in the U.S.  Americans insist on having the best of everything, which is something Hyundai has offered for decades: power, fuel-efficiency, higher-end materials, small cost-to-own and reliability.

Hyundai i10 Blue ev

Up until now, the Korean automaker has been attempting to meet future regulations with fuel-cell vehicles like the modified ix35/Tuscon models with technology that uses hydrogen to generate electricity, but consumers have been slow to accept the hydrogen vehicle.   When it comes to automotive technology, consumers are slow to accept tech that is too advanced.  For example, the first electric vehicle production model vehicle was produced decades ago, but only recently became a popular item.  The technology to produce cars that drive themselves has been there for the past 15 years or more, but is just now becoming an acceptable selling point.

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